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Part 2 – How to ‘Work Less, Swim Better’ in Triathlon

Advice from Total Immersion founder, Terry Laughlin. Terry’s presentation at USA Triathlon’s NW Regional Meeting in Boise focuses on perpetual motion freestyle for long distance swimmers.
In part 2 Terry explains the difference between “Perpetual-Motion Swimming” and “Human Swimming”

0:01 – Perpetual-Motion Swimming vs. Human Swimming
0:44 – Use extending arm to cut a hole in the water
1:30 – Use lead hand to hold your place in the water
2:20 – TI coaches and friends swim in open water

Total Immersion’s Terry Laughlin explains to triathletes the advantages of his Perpetual-Motion Freestyle stroke in open-water swimming: In this video he examines Perpetual-Motion Swimming vs. Human swimming as well as showing how the Perpetual-Motion technique translates into open water

Total Immersion Perpetual-Motion Freestyle
Total Immersion Open Water Swimming
Total Immersion Swimming
Swim with Terry Laughlin
How to swim the Total Immersion Way
Terry Laughlin
Perpetual-Motion Freestyle
“Outside the Box” open water swimming
Work Less, Swim Better

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