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Pose Method Running Drills from Coach JonP

Drills in order:

1) 2 foot hops in ‘S’ springiness body position (elasticity)
2) Pose Stance (body position, alignment, balance)
3) Change of Support (unweighting, elasticity, pull to Pose)
4) Hop in Place (pulling, elasticity, alignment)
5) Pony (minimal change of support, elasticity, unweighting)
6) Front Lunge (pull with hamstring, lean, elasticity)
7) Double Lunge with Switches (Pose body position, coordination)
8) Forward Change of Support (Falling and changing support)
9) Pose Skips (elasaticity, timing, relaxation)
10) Forward Pony (Falling, minimal change of support)
11) Forward Lunge (Pulling, timing)

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